Los Angeles Police Cadet Scholarship Foundation

Our scholarship program assists with providing aid to Los Angeles Police Cadets who are college bound.

LAPD Cadets are deserving of financial aid towards their higher education goals.

The Los angeles police cadet Scholorships Program

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Los Angeles Police Cadet Scholarship Foundation is a non-profit organization. Our organization was founded and formed to award Los Angeles Police Cadets with scholarships towards college. Los Angeles Police Cadets are young community leaders working towards bettering themselves to truly grow in life. The Los Angeles Police Cadet Scholarship Foundations serves LAPD Cadets.

Our Mission

The Los Angeles Cadet Scholarship Foundation's mission is to help Los Angeles Cadets reach their full potential by providing a higher education. Our foundation is dedicated to help instill the knowledge that is needed to become self-empowered community leaders into Los Angeles cadets.

Cadet Class

Professional Excellence

At the Los Angeles Police Cadet Scholarship Foundation, we help young cadets by funding their college education, which will help them to be responsible citizens and effective leaders.

Each cadet is given a chance to become a leader of character with commitment towards the values of country, honor, and duty. Our scholarship program will prepare the young cadets for a career of professional excellence and service.

Benefits of Our Scholarship Program

At Los Angeles Police Cadet Scholarship Foundation, our scholarship program will improve students’ well-being and give hope for a brighter future. Our scholarship program will make higher education affordable for the aspirants.

The scholarship program will help young cadets to develop their confidence and compassion that will change their lives and communities. As educated citizens, the young cadets will become the contributing members of our society and be a part of a conducive environment.